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Greaves Web Site use Terms and Conditions

This web-site is owned and run by Greaves Travel LLC.
Definition - "Greaves Travel" will apply to Greaves Travel LLC and Greaves Travel Company as necessary.

The use of this web site is expressly conditioned on your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any part of the following terms and conditions, you must not use this site. Implicit in the use of this Web site is the understanding that you have read, comprehended and agreed to the terms and conditions that follow.

This site, and each of its modules, is the property of Greaves Travel and/or its various affiliated and third party providers and distributors. Third party providers and other leisure travel information providers own some of the content that is found on this site. None of the content or data that is found on this site may be reproduced, sold, transferred, or modified without the express written permission of Greaves Travel and/or its third party providers and distributors.

Travel Agent Access only
You represent that you are a bona fide Travel Agent and are authorized to use this site and to create binding legal obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of the use of this site. You understand that you are legally responsible for all uses of this site by you and those using your login information. Each user within an Agency must have their own individual user name and password and must not share or permit anyone else to use their user name and password. It is your responsibility to keep your password confidential. All communications, confirmations of reservations as well as important schedule changes will be advised by email to the email address we have on file. It is the users responsibility to ensure such email addresses are updated and kept in good working order. Greaves will not be responsible for any other form of communication.

The relationship between Greaves Travel and you will be that of independent contractors, and neither of us nor any of our respective officers, agents or employees will be held or construed to be partners, joint ventures, fiduciaries, employees or agents of the other. Further terms and conditions may apply in cases where a bilateral contract is in place between Greaves Travel and the user. You may not assign, convey, subcontract or delegate your rights, duties or obligations here under. Additional terms and conditions may apply to information gathering, reservations; related services and other uses of portions of this site, and you agree to abide by such other terms and conditions.

Access for individual staff within a Travel Agency is under the direct control of the designated System Administrator of that Travel Agency. The individual opening an online account with Greaves is designated the System Administrator after they confirm that they are the duly designated owner or manager of that Travel Agency and is authorized to open the account. The System Administrator is solely responsible for managing access and is responsible for limiting access and or stopping access for all employees of that Travel Agency. System Administrators are responsible for denying access to employees of that Travel Agency who are no longer employed by that agency.

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