Account Activation
To activate your account for online access to our reservations system and to gain access to our fares, you need to be an approved ARC/IATA/IATAN travel agent, or have an account with Greaves Travel. This system is not available to members of the general public but is designed to enable travel agents to gain access to the best fares available on selected airlines and to be able to make reservations at these fare levels in the most efficient manner possible.

Enter your ARC/IATA/IATAN or Greaves Account number to identify and activate your agencies account with Greaves for online access. You will be asked to provide personal information related to your company so account activation should be done by the owner of your agency or an officer of the company duly authorised to complete the information required. You may cancel out of this process at any time of your choosing.

Please note - you should be an officer of the Travel Agency and duly authorised to apply for online access to the Greaves Travel System on behalf of the travel agency. This should normally be the owner of the agency, but the agency General Manager may be so authorised by the owner. If you are not the manager or owner, please request your agency owner or manager to apply for access. The person applying will have administrative access to all features and will be responsible for adding and updating additional users and the agencies profile.

Enter your ARC/IATA/IATAN or Greaves Account number:

(Use only the first seven digits of your ARCnumber - do not include the check digit)


This website is only available to travel agencies in North America (USA or Canada).

I am not a member of ARC/IATA/IATAN and do not have an account with Greaves Travel :

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